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For suppliers
For suppliers

Company KIDDISVIT has been operating on the Ukrainian market of children`s toys and goods over 15 years and now place one of the leading positions among toys suppliers in Ukraine.

Our business is based on core values ​​that define our culture. Here are our key competitive advantages:

- leadership
- development
- innovation
- safety (reliability)
- happiness (emotions) 


Key factors for success:

1. The emergence of innovative brands
2. Product’s adaptation
3. Brands update (about 5 new brands per year)
4. Quality at the best price
5. We provide ready-made tools for the sale of goods: the remains, awareness, training, customer account earnings.


We determined for ourselves  the key activities of achieving the goals :

1. Provision of Ukrainian market with balanced product portfolio.
2. Leading out the Company’s products to the product category leaders.
3. The accent is made on developing and adapting toys to Russian and Ukrainian.
4. Integration of IT – decisions with the Company’s clients.
5. Training of our clients and  retail sales personnel of our product peculiarities and key aspects of working with them.
6. The high level of our products representation in sales outlets.

We are proud of our products and can say with confidence that each of them meets the following criteria:

Social orientation

We realize our responsibility for the goods, which we are presenting at Ukrainian market, and for the qualities, which they are developing in growing up generation. We work with the toys, which positively develop children, with toys of safety and pedagogical expediency.


Our portfolio of brands is regularly filling up by most progressive toys. We have resources and experience to develop and adapt the best foreign projects especially for Ukrainian market and also develop new products together with you.

Great demand

We understand the needs of domestic market and develop represented brands which allows them to take leading  positions at theirs segments. That is why during goods selection we pay special attention at the potential of each product, in order to take leading positions on the Ukrainian market.


Our proposition at domestic market is optimally balanced in goods categories, in quantity of brands, in each category and in seasonality. That is why we have special interest in goods of season demand. We are also very interested in new market segments.


We give an advertising support to our goods, developing brand-leaders on the market.