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Company Profile
Company Profile

KIDDISVIT has been working stable on the Ukrainian market of toys and goods for children more than 18 years and occupies one of the leading positions among toys suppliers.

According to the Euromonitor data KIDDISVIT has 17,3% share of the whole sales in Ukraine.

Today KIDDISVIT does not only work directly with factories-manufacturers but also takes active part in toys’ design, adapting them to Ukrainian market specificity.

The assortment amounts more than 57 outstanding brands, which comprised all segments of toys and goods for children. Progressive Company’s policy enables to introduce to domestic market the latest achievements and developments of toys industry.

Today KIDDISVIT exports toys to Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia.

KIDDISVIT Company today:

- Has balanced brand portfolio of 57 items and more than 1200 names;

- Develops the trade marks, and constant design, leading out of new products to the market;

- Has personnel with 164 highly skilled professionals;

- Has more than 1000 permanent clients;

- The main office is in Dnepropetrovsk, regional office in Kiev;

- Warehouse complex more than 3000 meters area;

- Has membership in FBN Association* (Family Business Network).

- Has membership in Ukrainian Toys Suppliers Association